Declarations is an ongoing artistic research into the poetic materiality of the CSS web-standard.

Companion tools initial chapter

A group of thinkers and tool crafters imagine how to investigate the ambiguous materiality of CSS.

In the first phase of Declarations, a group of developpers and OSP relatives are sollicitated for its expertise as crafter of tools and collaborative processes on research and design.

Tools shapes practices, practices shapes tools.

— OSP, first used in the LGRU-reader.

Together we develop different companion tools (or browser-extensions) for exploring CSS poetic materiality and cultural dynamics. Those tools are formulated as companions tools, because they don't have a precise something to solve, they're just there as companions we can use in different situations.

The idea of browser extension is inspired from the text by Nolwenn Maudet, on Tactical Design. Where she mentions tactical design like design approaches that takes for terrain things that are already designed, approaches that are based on another layer of design, either to be critical of it, or to counter it, or to study it.

She says about Tactical design that "it can only be deployed in answer of something pre-existing" and that "require the ability to seize opportunities". She reminds us that "In the early days of the Web, the CSS language didn't exist; graphic choices in content display were determined directly by the browser, in other words on the reader's side." and that "In the history of media, the web represents a radical transfer of power to the end user."

— Nolwenn Maudet, Design tactique.

Some proposed focus of those tools are described as the following.

Photo by Ludi Loiseaux

This phase features (as crafters of tools)

and (as guides and researchers)